About Us


The Miyata laboratory belong to the mechanical engineering department. But we focus on cells and tissues and conducts research aimed at elucidating medicine and life phenomena. Medical science and biology are the main stream of the academic field dealing with organisms represented by human beings. But if cells and proteins are regarded as parts constituting organisms, organisms can be considered as extremely precise Kikai (machines).

At Miyata Lab, we treat organisms as machine and conduct research and development that contributes to regenerative medicine, cancer physiology, and drug discovery using engineering methods. Why don’t you study the boundary of biology, medicine and engineering together?



Mechanobiology of Cancer

Mechanobiology of Skin

Mechanobiology of Wound Healing

Contractile Force Sensing Device

Mechanobiology of Myocardial Regeneration


Cell Engineering

Cell Chip for Drug Discovery Screening

Chip of Fat Cell

Chip of Nerve Cell

Material Science

Surface Modification Technology

UV/Ozone Modification Technology

UV/Ozone + Plasma