D.Zenmyo(D2),T.Morikura(D1),Y.Yamanoi(M2) had a presentation at The 17th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering.(@Singapore)

conference name:The 17th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering
location: National University of Singapore

Daiki Zenmyo

research content:
Relationship Between Lipid Accumulation and Electrical Characteristics of 3T3-L1 Cells under Three-Dimensional Culture Condition

Takashi Morikura

research content:
Effect of Static Compression on Invasion Process of
Malignant Melanoma Cells Within In Vitro Three-Dimensional Culture

Yuma Yamanoi

research content:
Influence of Surface Modification of Polystyrene Using Spectrum-Controlled UV Radiation on Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Culture